Chapter 3 Pier 55 park, Thomas Heatherwick

identify 3 possible keys for the assigned project, organise the keys in hierarchical order of relevance to that project; for each key, briefly explain how the specific key applies to the project. KEYWORD: DiscretizeOTHER KEYWORD: Displacement Emerging Firstly, DISCRETIZE The geometry of the petals follows the Mosaic pattern of Pentagons in Cairo, resulting in theContinue reading “Chapter 3 Pier 55 park, Thomas Heatherwick”

CHAPTER 2 Absolute Towers, Mississauga, Canada ( MAD Architects, 2012)

Since these architectures have already been shown concerning a specific key, you can start with the one proposed. The other 2 keys are your choice. Remember that these are approaches to the model. The specific key: SHAPE The other 2 keys: METH, EMERGING FIRSTLY discribe the key of METH SECONDLY the key of EMERGING

CHAPTER 1 View The Architecture From A Parametric Perspective

Harbin Opera House / MAD This is one of my favorite architectures designed by one of my favorite architects Ma Yansong. This building has “dangerous curves”. And it is a continuation of the natural environment as it becomes part of the landscape. In my first sight, it uses two keys, wireframe & discretize About wireframe, this approach aims to develop theContinue reading “CHAPTER 1 View The Architecture From A Parametric Perspective”

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